Keepers of the brand

Throughout the process of building and protecting your brand, my team and I recognize we work in the sales business. With your input, we'll analyze who your most active customers are and how to communicate your message to them in the clearest, most direct method possible. We will be relentless partners in crafting calls-to-action that convert prospects into purchasers.  Will the messaging look and sound great? Of course it will. More importantly, how well the advertising performs is the true measure of the work we do for you. 

Experience, Knowledge & Expertise

We are a powerful team of marketing professionals who have combined our years of creative expertise and thought leadership on some of the largest, most successful brands in the world. Our business model is one in which you and your company deal directly with the strategic planners and senior-level creatives.

Make the call

We encourage you to give us a try on your next print, direct mail, or web/digital marketing communication. From a single brochure, to a fully-integrated marketing campaign, let's collaborate and blend the art and science of marketing communications on your next campaign. Give us a call at 816-584-1025.

Professional Services

  • Advertising / Marketing Communications

  • B2B / B2C Marketing

  • Brand Management

  • Print Design

  • Direct Marketing

  • Voice Overs (Hear Demo)

  • Web, Online and Digital Design